Let the stocktaking professionals sort it for you
– in Germany and in Europe.

As a professional stocktaking company, we carry out stocktaking in the food, non-food and DIY sectors. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of stocktaking and many long-standing customer relationships, we are exactly the right partner for your stocktake. From the initial meeting to the stocktaking process itself all the way to the feedback meeting, we implement your stocktake according to your individual needs

Many of our customers, especially in large areas, are not able to carry out their stocktaking on their own. You don’t have the staff or the time. OMS Inventories can deploy more than 100 employees at the same time in larger areas, so that we can carry out your stocktake within 8 hours with no compromise in quality.

Stocktaking Process

The technical possibilities know no limits

You provide us with your product database so that we can record all your products online with MDE devices. With a smooth connection and interface with your stock management system, we offer you a qualitative and flexible stocktake, incl. a final report…

Stocktaking software from OMS offers interface to many merchandise management systems | OMS Inventuren GmbH

Where others are still hesitating, we have been doing it for a long time

The combination of long-standing, experienced employees and modern, digital stocktaking processes makes us more than just another stocktaking provider.
Our teams are only assigned to one client at a time and work on a project for a longer period of time, thus guaranteeing high quality that you can rely on.

5 good reasons to choose OMS Inventories

Many good reasons for OMS Inventuren GmbH
All stocktakes – one point of contact

Save yourself additional travel and planning costs: The OMS specialists stocktake all your branches according to a route concept and handle the complete stocktaking plan.

Many good reasons for OMS Inventuren GmbH
The most modern technology for your stocktake

Trust in reliable and modern technology. We provide you with experienced staff and innovative stocktaking software. Complying with the latest security measures, they ensure a 1-to-1 customised solution.

Many good reasons for OMS Inventuren GmbH
Your direct line to us

You, as a customer, can reach our OMS support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Many good reasons for OMS Inventuren GmbH
Reduce staff costs

Do away with cost-intensive overtime for your staff. Your employees can concentrate on their core business, while OMS takes care of the recording, documentation and monitoring of the stocktaking quality for you.

Many good reasons for OMS Inventuren GmbH
Try us out

Would you like to get to know OMS better before you hire us for your stocktaking? A joint test project gives you the certainty that our stocktaking concept works and will help your company forward.

Many good reasons for OMS Inventuren GmbH
Orientate yourself on success

Satisfied customers from the DIY, food, and non-food industries are among our long-standing customers. We will gladly provide you with references!

Many good reasons for OMS Inventuren GmbH
Budget with certainty

In order for you to be able to calculate safely and budget in advance, you will receive a fixed price per item or you will be invoiced according to the recorded value of goods.

Many good reasons for OMS Inventuren GmbH
Your fixed contact person

With OMS, you have a fixed contact person for scheduling and carrying out the stocktaking

Many good reasons for OMS Inventuren GmbH
You get a customized solution

Benefit from tailor-made solutions and consultation. Your stocktaking concept is as individual as your requirements. Let’s develop it together!

Many good reasons for OMS Inventuren GmbH
Staff retention

Thanks to long-term employee retention and ongoing training, we have been able to complete all previous stocktakes successfully and on time.

Many good reasons for OMS Inventuren GmbH
Long-term partnership guaranteed

You can rely on us to take care of your future stocktakes due to our excellent financial standing.