Motivated employees are the heart of every company!

Our employees are characterised by many years of stocktaking experience and an exceptionally high level of motivation and consistency. Honesty and professionalism are the basis for a healthy business relationship. All this enables us to deploy over 1000 employees simultaneously under OMS project management. This enables us to handle orders with large staff requirements even at very short notice without any problems.

If you love your work, you will do great things.

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Long-standing inventory employees at OMS Inventuren GmbH

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Flat hierarchy at OMS Inventuren GmbH

Flat hierarchy

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You culture

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Honesty is the best policy.

Already during the recruitment of employees we explicitly pay attention to trustworthiness and honesty. Stocktakes are always carried out on the customer’s premises and we are aware of their sensitivity. OMS and all our employees stand by this.

Find out for yourself.

Through the continuous qualification and development of our employees, we have succeeded in completing all previous stocktakes successfully by the set deadline.