A key factor in the success of OMS is stocktaking in the non-food sector.

We do not consider stocktaking as a service, but as an all-round package for our customers in the electrical, cosmetics, clothing and industrial sectors. Continuous improvement and quality management ensure trust and reliability. At the end of the day, OMS delivers a complete online overview of your inventory.

OMS is well known and used in Europe.

With more than 1500 stocktaking employees we guarantee a high quality implementation of your stocktake.

The benefits at a glance

We adapt our stocktaking team to the project at hand

Our employees have years of stocktaking experience

We constantly develop and improve our processes

By carefully planning the projects, we carry out stocktakes throughout Europe within the shortest possible time.

Without you it does not work.

Stocktaking has to be planned in detail. We start with route planning, taking into account your preferred dates. Your market has not been inventoried by any service provider before, or has not been properly prepared? We will gladly support you if necessary, e.g. labelling storage locations. In a preliminary meeting between our team leader and the store management 4 to 8 weeks before your stocktake, we will discuss the most important points together. During the stocktake in your store, all articles in the store will be recorded by our team. The recorded data will then be checked by another member of our team. You can trust in the accuracy of OMS Inventories.

You have more than one store? No problem – we adapt our planning and staff to your needs. Our stocktaking staff have many years of experience with OMS. We often deal with high-value items in the electrical, cosmetics, clothing and industrial sectors, that are counted according to type and therefore need to be scanned individually. Honesty and professionalism are the basis for a trustworthy working relationship.

Many customers notice our teamwork in a positive way, so that after the end of the project the customer orders already for the next year

Silvia Meier,
Customer Success Manager in the non-food area

We prepare everything.

Our employees are well-rehearsed teams who strategically prepare your store in such a way that a quick and unobtrusive stocktake can be carried out. This is possible due to good planning and outstanding staff. Our teams are allocated a specific area before the day of the stocktake, so they can start counting immediately after arriving at the store.

Our self-developed inventory software can show you live figures during the stocktake, so you always have everything in sight. Our technology is set up by IT professionals and supported around the clock, so technical failure is virtually impossible.