Healthy stock –
high availability of goods

The food industry is a significant component in providing for the needs of society. The basis for a sufficient availability of goods is healthy stocks. This is where we would like to make our contribution by providing a high-quality stocktaking service.

Time and personnel challenges

Many companies are repeatedly faced with major challenges due to stocktaking. The tasks become more and more and the time less and less. The core business comes first and must not be neglected, but when should the stocktaking be carried out?

We take over your complete stocktake and you can continue to focus on your core business. We offer you an effective and customer-friendly stocktaking process and at the end you will receive a database with your entire inventory.

OMS is a German company with regional offices, so nothing stands in the way of a timely stocktake, even at short notice.

How you benefit from OMS Inventories

Food markets with all sizes | OMS Inventuren GmbH

Many years of experience in the food industry with stores of all sizes

High-quality technology at OMS Inventuren GmbH

The latest in technology

Smooth IT connection with OMS Inventuren GmbH

Smooth EDP connection

Sustainability and paperless at OMS Inventuren GmbH

Sustainable and paperless

Permanent inventory staff | OMS Inventuren GmbH

Stocktaking staff employed by OMS Inventuren GmbH

Expertise in OMS Inventuren GmbH

Expertise in the various food sectors

Focus on important inventory requirements | OMS Inventuren GmbH

Focus on your key requirements

Conscious interaction with customers at OMS Inventuren GmbH

Unobtrusive work during opening hours

Just one table and one plug!

OMS Inventories is prepared for all eventualities. We can always adapt quickly due to our years of experience in the food sector. The sales quota in the food sector is very high on a daily basis, many customers pass through the store each day – our employees are trained to consciously deal with customer traffic during a stocktake. We bring the equipment that is needed for our stocktakes with us.

Direct and honest communication with our customers is very important to us, so we are always happy to receive feedback. That is the only way we can continue to develop and work reliably.

“An expression comes to my mind that I often hear is: “Much better than what we have experienced so far!”
Elias Custura

Reliability is our number one priority!

We plan the stocktaking process together with our customers and through our European-wide pool of employees we can carry out your stocktake to an extremely high standard with no downtime. You will receive your inventory data online in your desired form, e.g. via FTP server. Or, if required, you can also receive the data offline via USB.