We work with cloud-based stocktaking software that has been adapted to the requirements of OMS over many years and is suitable for carrying out any stocktaking, including complex projects.

The stocktaking software already has an interface between many well-known inventory management systems and can be quickly adapted to our customers’ specific needs. This means that the stocktaking data can be easily integrated into the customer’s existing processes and software. Furthermore, the software is continuously adapted to meet the latest standards.

Stocktaking software from OMS offers interface to many merchandise management systems | OMS Inventuren GmbH

Advantages of our stocktaking software

The stocktaking software developed by us offers you many advantages when carrying out your stocktake. We have listed the most important ones below:

Continuously optimised inventory software | OMS Inventuren GmbH

Stocktaking software developed through practical experience and is continuously being optimised

Interface to all merchandise management systems | OMS Inventuren GmbH

Flexible interfaces between all well-known inventory management systems

Integration of article master data | OMS Inventuren GmbH

Integration of your product database without any problems

Support in the inventory process | OMS Inventuren GmbH

User-friendly support of the stocktaking process

Inventory progress in real time | OMS Inventuren GmbH

Live status of the stocktake is always visible

Fully comprehensive integration makes it easy for our customers and for us.

Our stocktaking software ensures smooth communication between the MDE devices (mobile data entry devices) and the server where the data is compiled and evaluated. This software solution simplifies management during the stocktake and provides optimal support for the stocktaking process.

Use of WLAN technology

Our stocktaking software is also ideally suited for carrying out stocktakes using WLAN technology. This means that all employees receive their work assignments via their MDE device and send counted areas or completed work back to the server wirelessly. With the help of WLAN technology, workflows can be optimised, waiting times significantly reduced and ultimately costs cut.

Customised software for every customer

Our in-house IT department makes it possible to adapt the stocktaking software or stocktaking processes to the wishes and environment of our customers. We are more than happy to work out solutions to individual problems for you in the area of software development and help you to make your stocktake or stocktaking processes even more efficient. Please contact us for further information.