• Phone call
  • E-Mail
  • Website
  • Analysis of current situation
  • Customer requirements
  • Required timeframe
  • Check compatibility with the inventory management system
  • Price list
  • Description of services
  • Contract framework
  • Stocktaking contract
  • Installation of technical interface
  • Route planning
  • Coordination OMS stocktaking team
  • Training OMS stocktaking team
  • Configuration of hardware
  • Organisation
  • Stocktaking procedure
  • Prepare the customer’s stocktake
  • Setting up equipment
  • Store survey
  • Allocation of storage zones
  • Kick Off
  • Counting of the stock
  • Plausibility checks
  • Clear up
  • Handover of the inventory data
  • Handover of reports
  • Feedback meeting on site
  • Feedback 2-3 weeks after the stocktake
  • Discussion of the follow-up stocktake


Long-term partnership with you, our customer

1. Stocktake enquiry

The first contact is made by telephone, e-mail or via the OMS Inventories website.

2. initial meeting

In the initial meeting we want to find out where we can help you. What is important to you for your stocktaking? How have you done stocktaking until now? What can we optimize?

When should the stocktake take place? Our stocktaking software can be connected to any inventory management system. We are happy to discuss the scope of your stocktake in detail.

3. Quotation

Based on the information from the initial meeting, we will prepare an individual quotation. The offer contains transparent prices, with no hidden costs, so that you can always understand how and why the prices come about.

4. Placing of order

After placing the order, we will confirm it by e-mail. After placing the order, we will send you a corresponding contract with the conditions and a description of the services including all the discussed requirements.

5. Stocktake planning

Now we enter the planning phase at OMS Inventories. This is the most time-consuming, but also the most exciting phase.

The responsible Customer Success Manager discusses all further dates and additional details with you, e.g. areas to be counted and the current inventory. We create an interface between your inventory management system and our stocktaking software. This way we can work with your product database and you can work with the final results at the end. In addition, the verification specifications, counting procedures and reporting are also set.

Our employees have many years of stocktaking experience as well as professional and practical knowledge.

6. preliminary discussion

your OMS team leader will contact you to discuss all relevant planning points so that everything can be implemented according to your wishes on the day. If preferred, our team leader can also come to you on site for the preliminary meeting to discuss the preparation plan for your stocktake together. We will send you the plans afterwards.

7. Stocktaking procedure

On the day of the stocktake, our IT service team will set up the network and prepare the equipment 2-3 hours before the stocktake begins. We start by dividing the store into zones so that the OMS employees can start counting directly after a kick-off and collecting their scanners.

During the stocktake, we perform a plausibility check using our quality management module within our stocktaking software. We perform this additional check to ensure the quality of your stocktake.

8. End of stocktake

After the stocktake is completed, you will receive the results and the inventory data, as discussed in advance, via your FTP server, via e-mail or via USB stick.

Finally, we discuss your assessment of the stocktake, e.g. punctuality, accuracy, etc., in a joint meeting. We value your opinion very highly, because it is the only way we can improve and become even better.

9. Feedback meeting

2-3 weeks after the stocktake we will contact you again. It is important for us that you are satisfied with our services in the long run. We can also take this opportunity to discuss your next stocktake. We look forward to your enquiry and carrying out your stocktaking!